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Guess who's a high school graduate today?


I finally got all the Pokémon games(technically not-for the games that were for the Gameboy [I have a 2DS which as I'm sure you guys know only plays 3DS and DS games] and weren't avaliable on the Nintendo eShop [i.e. Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal-I bought Red] I bought their remakes [Heartgold and Alpha Sapphire was what I got]).

I had to go to five different Gamestops just to get a copy of Heartgold and it cost me 60 dollars whereas the other games were $20-30 (or in Red's case, $10). Apparently HG/SS are considered collector's items nowadays and are somewhat hard to find. I was sort of aware of this reputation prior to trying to buy it but I guess I sort of underestimated how much it really was. I initially considered just downloading the original Gen 2 games from the eShop since it's way less expensive and y'know, easier to get a hold of, but I heard that the remakes were such an improvement over the originals I just had to get it.

I haven't even finished most of the games yet. I so far have only finished White and its sequel and am currently in the middle of Moon.

I'm considering getting Earthbound followed by collecting either The Legend of Zelda or Danganronpa.

There are also three games that are supposed to come out later this year that I'm looking forward to: Psychonauts 2, Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee, and the new Super Smash Bros. game.  Though I'm gonna need to get a Switch for LGPaE (not sure about SSB, I forgot. I think it's also a Switch exclusive but I'll have to check again to be sure). I wanted one since it came out but neither my family or I had the money at the time. My dad told me he might be able to get me one for Christmas though.
I saw the Incredibles 2 last night and it was a great movie. I'd highly recommend it.

I kinda probably would of enjoyed it more if I didn't get such terrible seats. The only seats available were in the front and we had to position our necks in a way just to see the scene and it was so uncomfortable for my dad and I (and apparently the others sitting in that row as well. They all looked really uncomfortable and were sitting in really weird positions and one guy even just lied on the floor).
I started watching My Hero Academia a few days ago and so far I'm liking the series. I just finished episode 4.

If anyone wants to keep up with any anime and manga I'm reading, here's my Anime Planet account… I'd also link my MyAnimeList account but I'm guessing they're doing some revisions of the site since a lot of pages are unaccessible right now. I prefer MAL's layout and rating system but I prefer how AP let's you like and dislike as many characters as you want and how in their reviews they allow you to rate individual aspects of a series such as sound, plot, and characters in addition to a written review as opposed to MAL's just allowing the latter.…
This person's one of the few fandom ranters I actually really enjoy listening to.  I honestly don't like a lot of fandom ranters out there.  So many of them tend to make unfair generalizations based on the extreme actions of a minority or their arguments are based on things that are an occurance in all fanbases (rule 34, "bad" fan art and fanfiction) but this guy brings up legitimately bad events (As opposed to something like "therez p0rrrrrnnnn" or "grown men like my little pony what embarrassments lol") and makes it clear that there's plenty of good people in these fandoms too.

By the way, I'd highly recommend checking out his recent video on good some fandoms did.  It's pretty heartwarming.


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I'm back.

If you want to be in my friends list below just ask. :)

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